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WP-DB-BACKUP WordPress Plugin Review

WP-DB-BACKUP WordPress Backup Plugin

Peace of mind—this is what’s in store for you when you backup your WordPress database. This component covers the range of multimedia content which graces your website, and serves as one your traffic drivers. You cannot just equate loss of your database to merely an unfortunate event, but to loss of months or years of […]

How to Install Simple 301 Redirects WordPress Plugin


So you’ve decided to do a website makeover in which you’ll be adding or deleting some webpages. If it’s the latter that you’re doing, be sure to not skip making those 301 redirects. Doing 301 redirects is no chore when there’s an efficient plugin at bay. This post outlines why and how to install Simple […]

How to Setup Google Authorship on WordPress

Google Authorship

Google, the World Wide Web’s leading authority, gives authors the added advantage of having more credibility through its Google authorship. How does it work? Every writer knows the importance of being friends with Google. That’s why they employ SEO, good content and all that stuff – all to please Google, the undisputed King of the […]

Migrate WordPress to a New Host with WP-DB-BACKUP Plugin

WP-DB-BACKUP WordPress Backup Plugin

Just the terms migrating or transferring a site to a new host sounds alien to people with very basic knowledge of WordPress. If you fit this bill, then terms like SQL, DNS, PHP and the like is enough to make you want to quit the project before you can even begin. But what if you […]

How to Install WordPress SEO by Yoast


Watch this video to learn how to install the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin.

SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin Review


If you’re into blogging – and I bet you are, since you’re already here – I’m sure that you’re well aware of the fact that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there. Regardless of your blog’s purpose, whether it’s business-oriented or just a hobby, using WordPress is easy and fun. There’s a very […]

WP Touch WordPress Plugin Review


In this review, we’ll check out the WP Touch WordPress plugin. This plugin is extremely widely used currently for mobile optimization of WordPress sites. You can use it to customize a completely different view for your site scaled down to be more readable on hand-held devices as well as faster loading than a non-optimized site. […]

HelloBar WordPress Plugin Review


With millions of websites in the World Wide Web, how can you ensure your site’s chances of success? How can you convince viewers to stay, look at your products and probably buy from you? Let’s be honest. Yes, you use SEO and yes, you’ve got great content, which made your audience visit your site in […]

Simple 301 Redirects WordPress Plugin Review


VIPs or Very Important Pages—each of your website’s pages should be treated as such. These basically power where you currently are online (as decided upon by search engines and your visitors), and where you can be in the future. Thus, as you move from page to page, or from site to site, redirects become very […]

Digg Digg VS WP Socializer


In this video we pair up top social sharing plugins Digg Digg and WP Socializer for a compare and contrast. Which one comes out on top? Check out the video and see.